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S M A R T  F U R N I T U R E

A Division of World Wide Hospitality Furniture

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  H O M E - C O N D O  -  V A C A T I O N     P A C K A G E S

MiniCatIn2 House Package Casual Contemporaty Look

You have a choice of light or dark wood stain

               **Individual pieces also available

House Package Tropical Look

These package prices include Delivery, Installation and Tax

              Premium Quality 2 sided 15yr Mattress

             We have delivery Agents on every Island


78 Fabrics to choose from at no extra charge, click below: 

This package does not include Tax and Delivery



Delivery $750

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You can order

individual pieces

No order is too small

       or too big!!


                          LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO WITH ONLY 588sq ft

                                           1 BEDROOM CONDO - AMAZING!!