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By tash, May 12 2016 10:45PM

Choosing a fabric is extremely important part of purchasing your furniture as it stays with you for many years and sometimes for life! here are some steps to help you make your decisions:


World Wide Hospitality Furniture offers a wide range of different colours and patterns to fit your preference and needs. Having a variety can help you make a better decision as you have many more options. The best thing to do is pick out three that you really like and take it from there.


Picking a fabric that will last as well as not fade easily is very important, its something that could save you money in your purchase. Cottons tend to fade and tear whereas polyester and sumbrella lasts for years and is very easy to mainatain and keep clean. So picking a Polyester or Sumbrella will last longer.


When choosing your fabric keep in mind your home decor and the colours in your home, having fabrics that compliment the colours and tones in your home is a crucial part in picking your fabric

By guest, May 12 2016 10:18PM

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